Preserving The Environment Essay

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Preserving the Environment Thomas E. Hill, Jr. This article discusses the environmental ethics from two views. The first argument is that the environment must be protected in order to serve the needs of beings. The second argument is that the environment itself has intrinsic values that must be respected.(Rachels, p.204). Hill evaluates this issue from a diverse method. • Hill states that uprooting the natural environment robs both present and future generations of potential use and enjoyment. That animals also depend on the environment, and even if we don’t value the animals for the own sake, their imminent purpose is limitless. Hill states that those who destroy the environment argue that the future for replacing the natural environment will also outweigh the negative utilities in which the environmentalists refer to. By destroying the forests is equal to the use and enjoyment by nature lovers. • Hill argues that the problem is that the natural environment is viewed exclusively as a natural resource. That we should not only seek but explain the interests and rights of plants. Hill states that the logical step is to acknowledge the moral requirements in account to the rights of plants and that the cause for moral concerns, rights and interest have been neglected. Since the rights of humans and animals have been taken in account, there should also been a keen interest in the rights of plants. To try and therefore understand what underlies our moral uneasiness at the destruction of the redwoods and forests apart from the loss of theses resources for human beings and animals. • Hill explores and argues that people who destroy the environment are underestimating the harm that they do and are very little concerned with the well-being of other people. By destroying the environment those certain people must lack a proper appreciation of their place
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