Prescription Pain Medication and Abuse

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Running Head: Prescription Pain Medication and Abuse Poly Substance Abuse: Heidi Marckese Montana State University-Billings English 201-801, College Writing II Professor Gary Acton March 12, 2010 Prescription drugs abuse is a serious concern in regards to patient care and the public health. Prescription medications that exist today alleviate pain, reduce anxiety, or induce sleep. “Generation Rx” is defined as a culture of self-diagnosis and self-prescribing. Americans have abuse prescription drugs such as; pain relievers, sedatives/tranquilizers, and stimulants. Abuse of prescription drugs in the United States in the past decade is at an alarming all time high. Prescription drug abuse is defines as any intentional ues of a medication with intoxicating properties outside of the physician’s prescription for a medical condition. There is an increase of nonmedical prescription medication abuse among young adults. A Major problem is the negative effect on the quality of medical care offered to the addicted and non-addicted. Care for the addicted patients is inappropriate in primary healthcare. Prescription medication abuse does not have a typical abuser. Prescription medication is appealing because users think of the medicine as safe. The medicine is FDA approved and does not have the stigma illegal drugs have. The blame is on both the prescriber and the abuser. The challenge for doctors is deciphering between pain relief and criminal activity. It is important to note the impact that prescription medication abuse has on society, the role pharmacists’ play in dispensing medication, and failing US Drug

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