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Prescription Drug Abuse Cailee N. Duane Bryant & Stratton Abstract This paper will identify drug abuse based on ethical issues mainly concentrating on the work of doctors. Areas of discussion include 7misprescribing of medication by doctors, doctors complacent behavior due to personal use of control medication, online pharmacies a source of drugs that boost drug abuse and promote ethical violation, and lack of education on drug related matters. It will also offer solutions related to ethical problems related to drug usage and finally give remarks on the best way to write a research paper using critical thinking skills. Introduction A most recent study in high schools all over America reveals that 15% of many…show more content…
Doctors who lack proper training or those who have impairment problems tend to believe that their patients are honest about issues concerning prescriptions. These may include certain issues such as losing prescriptions, or early refills. This, however, only happens when the doctor fails to identify a drug abuse problem in the patient. Another ethical dilemma in the same field occurs when doctors do not disclose full patient history in the medical file of the patient. This may cause other doctors to prescribe the wrong drug thus putting the life of the patient at risk, either due to possible…show more content…
Management and certain workers should acquire education on drug seeking behavior among patients and workers (Harldorsson 2007). Clinicians need to be taught about the regulations concerning control use of substances and the ethical rules and regulations that follow them. It is essential for doctors to understand their moral duty to their patients and to their employers. Cases concerning ethical violation tend to destroy the reputation of the employers (hospitals), ruining the name of the hospital. It is the work of the health practitioner to acquire knowledge on how to help a patient who gets control drugs from online pharmacies. This is because there is low screening, as well as, limited training in this field in which physicians are often unaware. A large study by Dana et al showed that up to 45 % of patients reported that their physicians were unaware of their online buying habits. I tend to agree that doctors’ need proper training is the best solution. Doctors should also avoid taking on too many shifts that hinder them from concentrating on their work. It is the work of management to observe patients who have problems with substance abuse to ensure they do not prescribe any medication to patients. This will help hospitals avoid legal problems with their

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