Emergency Room Abuse Essay

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Abuse of emergency room by underinsured Jacqueline Catchings Chamberlain College of Nursing NUR 506 Health Care Policy March 20, 2015 Abuse of emergency room by underinsured America has a long standing health care access crisis. National attention was drawn to numerous instances of Americans reportedly dying from the refusal of immediate lifesaving medical treatment. The national news that prompted health care reform included reports detailing denials of care, inappropriate transfers, and medically unstable people dying during transport (Diaz-Vickery, Sauser, & Davis, 2013). There was a strong public demand to reform access to health care and bipartisan Congress passed the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA).…show more content…
EMTALA is an unfunded federal mandate. This mandate for universal access shifted the cost to the hospitals. Hospitals and physicians risk substantial legal and financial penalties for violations of the mandate, with consequences as extreme as revocation of a hospital’s Medicare provider agreement (Diaz-Vickery, Sauser, & Davis, 2013). According to the American College of Emergency Doctors (ACEP) under EMTALA the emergency department has the only mandate to provide healthcare. A 2009 ACEP survey on the financial crisis stated, 66 percent of emergency physicians polled have seen an increase of uninsured patients in their emergency departments during the current financial…show more content…
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