Arguments Against Prescription Drug Abuse

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The Fight Against Prescription Drug Abuse in America University of South Alabama Deana Lee McHugh Prescription drug abuse is now considered an epidemic in the United States especially among teens and young adults. Nearly one-third of all people twelve and older that have used drugs, started with a prescription drug that was used for a nonmedical reason ( The general public and the federal government must come together to stop this growing problem. Legislatures must be contacted, laws must be passed and education must be provided. The purpose of this paper is to discuss how prescription drug abuse affects our nation socially, economically, ethically and politically. It will also discuss goals on how to help correct…show more content…
Physicians have to worry about this principle in two aspects. One, trying to make sure they aren’t overprescribing narcotics for patients contributing to addiction and overdose which in fact is harm to the patient. But two, also making sure they don't under treat those that truly have pain control issues, as this too can cause harm to a patient. It is a proven fact that pain medication, taken appropriately, will significantly impact life saving treatments as well as end of life comfort (Maley, 2013). Political and Legal Factors Different states have different laws in place related to prescription drug abuse. For example, Connecticut has a bill in Congress that states that for any practitioner that prescribes or dispenses has to review the electronic monitoring program prior to prescribing or dispensing to review that patients history of narcotic use. ( Both legislative parties support this bill. Monitoring a patient’s history prior to prescribing medications will help to cut down on the problem of prescription drug abuse. It seems many states have refused to pass bills related to this problem in America. Issue Statement How can we as Americans stop the epidemic of prescription drug abuse, yet ensure we as practitioners are continuing to provide quality patient care and optimal treatment for those in need of it?…show more content…
Practitioners already try and see so many patients in one given day that the likelihood of them wanting to take extra time for education is not probable. The con for the drug abuse deterrent in narcotics would be whether or not this would effect the medication in a way that it would not be beneficial or provide the proper pain relief for those patients that have a true need for pain medication. Criterion Two – Economic considerations for all parties involved. Pros: “Doctor shopping” is common among drug seekers. Bill S.348 and bill H.R.486 would benefit all parties involved economically in the long run. If laws are put in place to increase educational demands and monitoring of medication history it will lead to the decrease of this type of drug abuse ( Patients inability to “doctor shop” will allow for less prescribing which will decrease street selling and crime related costs. According to Pisgah Laboratories in North Carolina, adding drug deterrent technology will increase the federal budget by about $200 billion overall ( Cons: It will cost the federal government more money now due to having to pay out grants, as well as the pharmaceutical companies due to having to add drug deterrent ingredients to medications

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