Poverty: the Human Rights Violation

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Poverty: The Human Rights Violation Abstract As a human being, we are entitled to certain rights. These rights are known as human rights and they provide a basic outline of what we as humans can expect to receive as human beings. Whether it is the way someone is treated, or a basic need, we all should have the same expectations of a basic blueprint of human rights. One of those rights that are being violated on a daily basis is the right that everyone has to live with the proper housing, availability of safe food and water, and the right that everyone has to education. When these rights are violated, that is when people are pushed into the deepening depths of poverty. Poverty: The Human Rights Violation Human rights are something that dates back many centuries, and it is there that the general idea of human rights came to fruition. At that point in history, it was claimed that human rights were in fact rights that all human beings had just because they were humans. But, what were in fact notated as rights that were given to humans? There was a lengthy list of human rights that were listed in the Declaration of Human Rights; some rights that are listed in the Declaration are rights such as Article 10, which is the equal right to a fair trial, and Article 26, which is the right to basic education (Arnsperger, 2004). What are Human Rights and Poverty? Human rights are the fundamental rights that human beings should be able to enjoy without any interference. The Declaration of Human rights was established as to be a base for establishing a set of “boundaries”. For example, if someone is arrested and charged with a crime, they can expect to be protected by Article 10, which states that a person who is arrested has equal right to a fair trial (Arnsperger, 2004). This article ensures that as individuals, there will never be someone who

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