Potato Famine Research Paper

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Jessica Glab February 22nd 2012 World History Honors Irish Potato Famine Research Paper In September, the year of 1845, the lives of Irish natives seemed to be overwhelmed with a bizarre event. Leaves of potato plants turned black and rotten which mysteriously led up to the beginning of the Irish Potato Famine. The potato held an important place in Ireland’s heart, mainly because of its purpose of sustaining countless generations and their daily menus (Simon Wright). You may believe that potatoes were native to Ireland, but they were not brought onto Irish soil from South America until the 1500’s. Before the discovery of the potato, Irish people struggled with consuming a variety of food, living mainly off of grain and dairy products (Simon Wright). Potatoes became highly popular because of the easy growing and price of them; almost any family could enjoy potatoes. At the start of the 18th century, Ireland had a population of just over 2 million but by the mid 19th century the population had soared to over 8 million (Simon Wright). Population growth in Ireland made it clear and evident that people from around the world were craving the popular crop. Yet, Ireland remained a poor nation, with millions in poverty. Because the Irish people lived on the edge of poverty, the loss of their main crop threw them into deep despair. The Irish Potato Famine took many lives and eventually led to the difficult immigration of Irish natives to America in the late
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