What Is The Role Of Irish Immigration In The 1800's

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In the times of immigration (1880’s), the Irish where one among all, who immigrated to the United States for better opportunities as many of the immigrants did as well. As there struggles where also back home, making them look upon better living styles, it was heard that the United States (America) was the “American Dream”. That everything was easy and it was a worry free land. At least for all the rich ones it was. When many think of the times of immigration, they tend to recall the Irish Immigration and it comes to the potato famine of the 1840s' however; they forget that immigrants from the Emerald Isle also poured into America during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. They struggled to preserve themselves alive, looking for healthy/ better living conditions and also to get the family back up, as in getting a job.…show more content…
The famine had a disastrous effect all over Ireland and with the failure of the then British rulers to help with the food shortage and the exporting of grain to pay landlords their rent Ireland became practically unlivable which was the main reason for Irish immigration in the 1800’s. The famine left over a million people dead of starvation and others who survived with diseases such as cholera and typhus. Making them flee to the United States and Canada as well, as the living conditions were harsh in Ireland, the ship they traveled in to America was poorly as well, it was know as the “Coffin Ship”. The conditions were so poorly that many Irish died during the trip to the United States and Canada, never having the chance to live the better
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