Why Do Women Wear Makeup

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In today’s society, women are constantly influenced by commercial ads, movies, and magazines. They pressure us into being up to date with many cosmetic products to alter or enhance our appearance. As children, little girls are told that playing dress up and performing makeovers are acceptable. To the same extent, teenage girls are used to the idea of wearing makeup to homecomings, proms, or other special functions. Transitioning into an adult, women develop a habit of wearing cosmetics on a day to day basis. According to Randal, “a new survey into women's daily beauty regimes shows UK women spend a colossal 474 days…in their lifetime putting on cosmetics.”Makeup is a major component that plays a role in society for many women. Applying makeup…show more content…
Even if it’s just a few seconds, first impressions really do count the most. For example, going to a job interview with dark circles under your eyes and blotchy skin could give the person hiring you the wrong idea of how you perceive yourself. It is said that a number of employers have confessed that they are most likely to hire women who wear makeup to job interviews (Silverman). According to Casone, “good-looking people get hired and promoted more than those who are less attractive”. With the help of makeup, it can give a person the image of being someone who is approachable, reliable, and professional. As a result, makeup is a strategy that gives better possibilites of being successful. Society has influenced many women and our thoughts about beauty. Sometimes, this persuasion can place a damper on our self-confidence. Makeup takes part in our social life and helps combat the everyday struggles we face against judgments and opinions of others. It’s helpful in creating self-confidence within ourselves. It’s effective in making us become socially active and trust in our abilities. Also, it is beneficial in taking advantages in workforce

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