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OMAP BASED WHEELCHAIR MOVEMENT CONTROL BY RECOGNITION OF HANDGESTURE ARUNAI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING (Formerly Kamban Engineering College) VELU NAGAR, TIRUVANNAMALAI. R.Monika, ECE III year, post2monika@gmail.com S.G.Sowmitha, ECE III year, tsrsowmi@gmail.com Abstract: Wheelchair is an assistive system to mobilize the disabled people. Many types of wheel chairs have been developed. Many people with disabilities do not have the dexterity necessary to control a joystick on an electric wheelchair. Moreover, they have difficulty to use which needs more efforts to operate. Voice controlled wheel chairs also used. But if the person cannot talk loudly this type of wheelchair found no use. The purpose of this study is to develop an effective wheel chair model which operates with minimal effort. The MMA2260D Micro machined accelerometer sensor is used in the project. Based on the slight finger movement the sensor develops a control voltage, which in turn is applied to the arm 9, and the direction of the wheel chair is changed accordingly. This greatly minimizes the physical effort needed to operate the wheel chair. People with partial paralysis, dumb people can also use of this wheel chair model effectively. Index Terms: Micro machined accelerator, omap arm 9 , wheelchair, finger movement sensor. 1. Introduction Over the past 200 years, scientific and technological progress in assistive devices for people with moving disabilities disciplines has made very little innovation in wheelchair design. The folding Wheelchair came in 1933, and powered wheelchair was developed in the early 1970s. New material such as plastics, fiber-reinforced composites and beryllium-aluminum alloys have found their way into the design and manufacture of lighter, stronger and more reliable wheelchair [1]. The wheelchair industry has also benefited from the

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