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Abstract: Polyacrylates absorb liquids. Because of this unique property, many uses come from such a material. Diapers are the most widely known because of its purpose. But polyacrylates exhibit other properties. The purpose of this lab is to figure out how polyacylate reacts in the presence of salts and oil. Another purpose is to see if the polymer has the capability of retarding flames. The lab consisted of three tests, one to see polyacrylate’s flame retarding abilities, one to see how much water the material can absorb, with and without the presence of salt, and one to see its ability in the presence of oil. The conclusive data shows that polyacrylate does prevent objects from catching fire better than water. The presence of salinity in polyacrylate improves its ability to absorb water. The oil coats the polyacrylate while the water is trapped inside. This provides a hydrophobic coating outside the water-absorbed polyacrylate. In conclusion, polyacrylate proves to be a very versatile polymer with many properties such as retarding flames and absorbing water. Introduction: The purpose of this experiment is to distinguish different properties of polyacrylate, as well as test the extents of its already known properties. Polyacrylate is a polymer that has transparent and elastic capabilities. This material is found mainly in diapers. But because of its recent discovery of retarding flames, the lab proves just how much more effective polyacrylate is on material than water. The experiment proves the effect of salinity in the presence of polyacrylate as it absorbs water. The final test of the properties of polyacrylate is to add oil in the water that the polyacrylate will absorb. If the polyacrylate is affected by the salinity level, than the added salt will increase the polyacrylate’s ability to absorb water. Materials & Procedure: Check Pre-Lab Data & Results:

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