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Poetry vs Prose There are many differences between Prose and Poetry but also there is similarities among the two. Some of the differences between the two is Poetry is uses stanzas unlike Prose which uses complete sentences. One of the differences of prose and poetry is that poetry is a form of art. Poetry tells a story like prose but uses less words and more emotions to describe the story. For example in the poem “Casey at the bat” by Ernest Thayer he tells a story about a baseball player who has a chance to win a baseball game for his team but gets too confident in himself which causes him to strike out and lose the game. Another example would be on the internet with poetry being described as “An art form”. One more difference is poetry uses stanzas which prose don’t use. Poetry uses the stanzas as a pause like Prose use a period to end a sentence. For instance a stanzas definition “In poetry a stanza is a grouped set of lines within a poem…”. In a prose stanzas are not used instead periods are put in at the end to start another line. Poetry is different in these ways but have similarities with prose. A similarity between the two is that they both have is they are both forms of literature and they both compliment each other. One way they compliment each other is that a poem can become a story and a story can become a screenplay. Another way they compliment each other is that they both get a message across in their own ways. Prose also have certain elements that poetry doesn’t have. For instance prose use sentences instead of stanzas like poetry does. “Prose is not written in lines like poetry…” this shows that prose and poetry are different. Additionally prose end their lines using periods unlike poetry in which when one line ends it starts another one below it. Another difference is that prose use paragraphs to talk about an idea. Poetry uses stanzas

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