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Poetry differs from prose in its compactness, emotional appeal and its weight of content. There are many examples in writing such as figures of speech, rhyme, rhythm, repetition, consonance, assonance, and imagery that let you know you are reading a poem. In a Prose piece you are bring an event or situations to life through literature. Prose is more of a story telling form of art that poetry. A poem written in prose instead of using verse or line breaks, but preserving characteristics of a poem may is known as a “prose-poem”. Characteristics such as rhythms, figures of speech, assonance, consonance, and imagery would be in a prose poem. 2. The three types of poetry are Narrative Poetry (pg. 344), Lyric Poetry (pg. 346), and Dramatic Poetry (pg. 348). Narrative poem is a story of series of event that lead up to climax. It tells a story of one character’s experiences throughout the story. Oldest form of narrative poetry is popular ballad. Lyric Poetry is a short poem, although it may be a long, sustained emotional utterance. It contains emotional and image experience to give to the listener also you will learn something from this. Dramatic Poetry is like an action in itself, concerns a person or someone with motivation. Most time the character is battling internal and external forces and has a third party narrator. Dramatic is broken up in 4 categories: narrative, lyric, monologue, soliloquy. 3. The three types of Prose are Factual Prose, Personal Essays, and Oral Histories. Factual Prose is writing in which the author gives verifiable information It states that something is so. The writer’s personal comments are kept to a minimum. Personal essays come in a variety of humor, philosophy, politics, and religion genres. Personality and values are reflected in the facts and objects that are selected in this type of prose. Oral Histories deal with the

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