Plastic Surgery in America

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Have you ever considered the risks and benefits of plastic surgery? In 2006, nearly 11 million cosmetic surgeries were performed in the United States alone. Although cosmetic surgery has come a long way, people still have repercussions from the aftermath of the surgery. This can include everything from painful swelling long after the healing time to developing tumors. If you are one of the lucky ones, your surgery can give you wonderful, sometimes outrageously beautiful results. Cosmetic surgery in America is widely used for personal reasons, medical reasons, and to even gain a better chance at getting a job. Sadly growing procedures can largely be blamed on the Hollywood definition of beauty. Hollywood perfection is the key reason people change their look. To become an actor or actress, a lot of people change their appearance because they feel like their talent is just not enough. Women might get something done like a breast augmentation and men might get something small like a nose job. I consider this a ploy to fit in. It does not stop there. Hollywood ages differently than we do in the “real world”. Thirty five years old in Hollywood could easily mean they are sixty years old because they have been around for a while, especially the child stars. Cameras can have that effect. So when an actress or actor feels they have not been getting excellent, much deserved roles because of their age, it is only a weird instinct for them to get some sort of cosmetic augmentation, even if it is just botox. Botox is just a simple set of needle injections to the face or extremities. If an actor or actress is just one of the very few that age wonderfully, or just look like they never age. Take a look at Halle Berry, who looks fabulous at forty, even after a baby. Or George Clooney, who is like a fine wine that only gets better with time. They will continue to get roles until they

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