Plastic Bags Should Be Banned from Stores

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Californians throw away over 294 million pounds of plastic bags each year, and most of them are not properly disposed of. They get caught in the wind and litter urban and natural areas. To decrease the debris collected at coastlines and marine animal suffocation, plastic bags should be banned for use at stores. A disadvantage of plastic bags is that they are so lightweight. Once a small breeze blows, the plastic bags blow with it and collect in the ocean or other water areas. It creates water pollution because of the dirty plastic bags. It also clogs sewage pipes and gutters. Plastic bags account for more than 10 percent of the debris washed up on coastlines. The plastic bags improperly discarded are littering the planet. Moraga shoppers contribute to this bad pollution if they continue using plastic bags given out for free at stores. Even if plastic bags were properly discarded and made it to the landfill, they wouldn’t decompose naturally. Bacteria do not utilize polyethylene, the material plastic bags are made of, as food because it is a thermoplastic material derived from oil. Because of this, plastic bags may take a thousand years to decompose. Instead of decomposing, plastic bags photo-decompose (break down by light) into even more toxic petro-polymers over time which may contaminate water and air. “The greatest way to eliminate the pollution from plastic bags is to ban them,” says Julia Brownley, the author of a bill to ban plastic bags in California. Plastic bags that pile in coastlines sometimes catch a marine animal’s eye and the animal may think it is food. Animals would ingest it and most likely choke and die. Plastic bags also suffocate or entangle marine animals. Nearly 200 different species of sea life die due to plastic bags. If we reduce plastic bag waste, then the number of animals killed by plastic bags would greatly decrease. Some

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