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The North Pacific Gyre: Recycling is Dire There’s a new continent in the Pacific Ocean! This continent has been called many things from the great pacific garbage patch to Trash Island. This swirling mass of plastic bags plastic bottles and other non perishable items has been accumulating in the Gyre for years. Caught in the northern Pacific currents that form the N. Pacific Gyre. This Largely covered area of plastic remnants that have been broken down to small pieces have a damning effect on the wildlife that depends on the Gyres currents for food. Why hasn’t anyone said anything about this issue in the northern Pacific, What is the extent of the damages on the wildlife, and what can we do about it? These are some points that I would like to know about. In 1998 Charles Moore and his crew sailed through the Gyre, about 1,000 miles…show more content…
“Apparently the mass of the plastic particles is six times more than the mass of the natural plankton in the area.” This large expanse of ocean has become unhealthy for the animals that feed around the Gyre. “The plastic is found at depths of up to 30 meters. It is literally creating a landmass.” Because not all the plastic’s as it breaks down, and releases large amounts of toxic substances into the water of the Pacific Ocean. Not to mention that the Sea birds and other marine animals mistake these sand like plastics as food, and aren’t able to digest the plastics resulting in a large number of deaths of these animals. We all can contribute in helping the slow the growth of “trash Island” so some call it. By making a conscious decision to use less plastic, and recycle or reuse plastics. Here are a couple of suggestions that would help cutting down on the plastic waste. * Carry a travel mug/cup to use rather than getting throw away cups every time you get a drink. * Take your own bags to the store for shopping.

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