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Case Study Assignment The case study that I have been given involves a new physician assistant named Joe. Joe’s daughter is feeling ill; so he decides to take home a specimen collection kit to his home to collect samples from his daughter. He then sends the samples to the lab for testing. There are many different problems that I see when I first read the case study. After researching and reviewing the Guidelines for Ethical Conduct for the Physician Assistant Profession, I conclude that Joe’s behavior is deemed unethical. He is violating many of the physician assistant codes, and could be reprimanded in the future. According to the Ethical Conduct for the Physician Assistant Profession, working with a friend or family member can form a conflict of interest. A conflict of interest in…show more content…
This is definitely unethical. When more than a minor medical issue arises, the ethical thing for the physician assistant to do is take the patient to a practical setting and take the normal course of actions (2013). Joe is breaking this by taking kits out of the practice area into his own home without consent of the physician or the facility as a whole. The guidelines go over the importance of not providing informal care, which is exactly what Joe is doing in this situation. He is not only informally treating and collecting specimen from his daughter, but he is also not documenting any of the treatments that he is doing. This is a major problem and could be subject to intervention by the law. Joe is risking his medical credibility by doing this for his daughter. He is also performing these tests without the direct supervision of the supervising physician, which goes against the code of conduct (2013). If a physician assistant violates laws that vary from state to state, the physician assistant could be subject to license suspension or being

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