Hope's Boy

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Hope’s Boy The risk and protective factors in this story is, the time Hope left Andy in the room along when she went downstairs to have a drink. When she took him to the neighbor’s house to steal from a garden, Carol and Hope went in the house, but before that a dog started barking. The owner came out and told his dog to get them and the dog almost bit Andy on the leg. Another time occurred when she was stealing from the drugstore when Andy was with her and when they were eating out of the garbage. She also put him at risk when she had Louis living with her and she did not call the police when Louis physically abused Andy while Hope was at work. Louis beat Andy with an electrical cord on his back and buttock. The opinion is that Hope did try to protect Andy from many things. She would tell him to stay with her, she made sure she held his hand when they went somewhere, but that was not enough. The thing that Hope was protecting Andy from was the voices in her head. She would hear the voices telling her that someone were going to take him or hurt him in some way. Hope had many problems because she did not have the parenting skills that she needed to take care of Andy. Hope needed people in her life to help her care for Andy and to tell her what she was doing right and what she was doing wrong. Social services should have removed Andy from her care because she could not care for him. I did not think they should have put him in the Los Angeles County because no child should be in a place like that. According to the textbook, Tower-Crosson, (2010). “Protective workers involved in the assessment process learn to ask specific question designed to assess the potential risk of the home situation to the child and the capacity of the parents to cope with child rearing. The interviewing process is an integral
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