Hcs 335 Administrative Ethics Research Paper

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Administrative Ethics HCS/335 February, 6, 2012 Administrative Ethics In today’s society it is essential that health care facilities maintain professionalism respecting the right of patient confidentiality. The privacy of patient personal information is to be between the patient and the physician. The medical staff has no reason to view patient personal history without billing purposes only. The patient must confide in the physician to disclose information about one’s health issues. The physician must know symptoms of the patient to find diagnosis. Physicians keep record of the…show more content…
The medical staff nurse pleaded guilty to one count of wrongful disclosure of individual health information for personal gain. The case is currently awaiting a trial, but the nurse will be penalized for violating HIPAA. The argument found in this article was the nurse put the whole clinic in jeopardy. The physician stated there are consequences and made staff aware of the consequences of violating patient privacy. The solution was terminating the employee and providing briefing staff members on HIPAA laws and regulations. The fact is the nurse disclosed patient information to her husband for their personal use. The behavior of the nurse is not tolerated in any medical facility. The nurse actions led to consequences that could destroy her career. The nurse in the article made an unethical decision to bring home the patient private information and disclose it with her husband. The decision that the nurse made affected the clinic she worked. Sometimes it takes for one person to be at fault and jeopardize the whole organization. The nurse unethical behavior led to her termination of employment

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