Doe V. Medlantic

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Doe v. Medlantic Health Care Group, Inc. Kimberly S. Shuert Rasmussen College Doe v. Medlantic Health Care Group, Inc. In this particular case, someone’s privacy (HIV status) was violated due to another person’s (Tijuana Goldring) ignorance. The two happened to work together at one place however one of them also worked at a hospital (Washington Health Center, which is owned by Medlantic), which is where the information was obtained. This personal information was then spread around the common workplace (U.S. Department of State). The victim was harassed by co-workers and obviously quite embarrassed. The victim pressed charges against both Medlantic and Tijuana Goldring. Medlantic was found guilty for breach of confidential relationship and was made to pay the victim two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. However, Tijuana was not found guilty of invasion of privacy because the disclosure was not within the scope of Goldring’s employment with WHC. Medlantic filed a motion for judgment arguing that Doe’s claims were barred by the statute of limitations. The trial court granted Medlantic’s motion and Doe appealed ("Doe v. Medlantic Health," 2012). I personally believe that the patient’s confidentiality was violated. He went to a well known facility to obtain medical attention for a health condition he had and had faith that his personal information would remain private. No matter what Tijuana’s job was at the hospital, she went into personal, confidential records and obtained damaging information. She then took that information and shared it with others. Complete violation of privacy. She had no right to not only snoop in his records but then to spread it around work. She should have been fired from both places of employment and should have had to pay for her ignorance. The Golden Rule comes to mind here; Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
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