Physic Lab Experiment 2

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Experiment 2: Food Test Introduction Food is a type of chemical test that use to determine the chemical molecule which commonly found in the food. These biological molecules include sugar, protein and starch. Sugar can be classified in to 2 groups which are reducing sugar and non reducing sugar. Examples of reducing sugar are glucose, fructose, galactose and maltose. While the non reducing sugar in this experiment is sucrose. In this food test experiment for reducing sugar and non reducing sugar, we use 4 types of sugar to carry out the experiment. The sugar we used includes glucose, sucrose, maltose and lactose. In this experiment of reducing and non reducing sugar we use reagent react predictably with the sugar molecules to give an observable colour change. The reagent we use is Benedict’s reagent. Reducing sugar will show positive result while non reducing sugar will not. To test the presence of starch in our next food test, iodine is use. When starch is present the iodine added on it will change its colour from yellow to blue black. For the food test that use to determine the of presence protein we use Biuret test instead of Million’s Test. The reason why we are choosing the Biuret test is because the Millon’s Test cannot have positive result on specific protein such as gelatine due to the gelatin had no tyrosine beside the Million’s Test will show positive result on every substance which had the tyrosine including non protein substance. So we used albumin solution and it will only show positive result on protein only. Objective -To determine the presence of reducing sugar by carrying of Benedict’s test -To determine the presence of non reducing sugar by carrying out Hydrolysis process by using dilute hydrochloric acid. -To show the presence of starch by carrying out iodine test. -To test the presence of the

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