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To begin, we were told the final results of the experiment before we started in order to know what to look for when conducting the experiment and analyzing our data. We had determined ahead of time that to know if the solutions contained starch, glucose, chloride, protein, or glucose; we needed to see a color change during the mixing of two solutions. In our experiment my group mixed four solutions with four different solutions. These solutions included gelatin, starch, salt, and glucose in the first group and biuret’s, lugol’s, silver nitrate, and benedict’s solution. We recorded the observations of color changes that occurred when mixing the solutions into a data table. The next thing we did in our experiment was to blend a McDonald’s happy meal and add an unmeasured amount of water to the so called “McMush”. We conducted the experiment, with the goal of determining if the solutions contained starch, chloride, protein, or glucose and recorded our results in a data table. After analyzing the data concluded from the experiment we concluded that the McMush solution did not contain protein, glucose, or chloride because there were no color changes that matched the conclusions of our previously results. We also concluded that the McMush did have starch because when it was mixed with the solutions, it turned completely black which matched the data from our previously data table. In addition for testing the McMush for starch, chloride, protein, or glucose; we checked the lipid content by putting a little amount of it on a paper towel and letting it dry. Once dry, we help it up to a light and saw little chunks in the paper towel and areas were the paper towel was translucent. This proved there was fat within the McMush. From this we gathered that there was a lot of fat within the McMush. When looking back on the experiment, I personally believe that our results are accurate

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