Pet Milk Response Essay

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1. I could feel a connection with the narrator when he would meet up with Kate at the same café and have the same food. When I was home on leave from the United States Marine Corps my girlfriend and I would go to the same two restaurants and order the same meal each time. It was kind of a tradition and “our place.” During these dates we would think about our future together and talk about our plans for when I got out of the military. In summation it was easy to relate to the main character in the short story. 2. As far as fears and desires, Kate’s fear was being self-conscious about her work clothes at a casual café. Her desire to move forward towards bigger and better things in life was evident by her entry level position as an administrative assistant. The Grandma in the story had an obvious fear of being alone, which is why she was overly hospitable with her guests ensuring that they were thoroughly satisfied and happy to be her company. 3. I can relate to the passage again in the sense of missing someone when they are still with you. When I was visiting my family and girlfriend on leave I had that feeling constantly. I knew my time with them would be over before I knew it, so I never got comfortable enough to not miss them. Looking at someone you love sitting next to you, knowing you have to leave them for months within a few days is a sickening feeling. I just tried to soak up as much as I could of the memories as I could because I missed them all before I even

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