Persuasive Essay On Military Draft

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Madison Rojas Professor Ali ENC-1101, 065 April, 11 2013 Conscription, the draft as it is known, is the process in which countries bring citizens into military service for a mandatory amount of time. Several countries actively employ conscription, while others have a polished it completely. Bringing the draft would be a great idea especially if our country does not have enough troops. The more troops we have the stronger we become. Yes the draft is a scary word to hear, but it is a way of protecting our country and loved ones. Nobody wants to go to war, but the depending of service cannot only fall on volunteers. The draft may not be fair but what can we do. When someone gets drafted they should see it as a blessing because they are going to be part of a war and will be honored with respect. Most people will not agree to go and rather be stuck in prison or pay a huge fee. The best part is you do not need experience because everything…show more content…
The military should not be thought of as a social program for orphans, jobs for the poor, or people going nowhere in life, but as a group of highly trained professionals dedicated to protect our country. Becoming a solider can change you into a better person than you were before and also change your appearance. Our country should always be prepared to defend itself. If being prepared means reinstating the draft then I think we should this a reasonable proposal. I think the tragic events of September 11 will evoke most people to agree on reinstating the draft. Since September 11 most of us should be willing to defend our country in light of this attack. What happened to our nation is considered of people who believe in freedom and democracy. If it was not for the troops we have sacrificing their lives we would not have any freedom or know what democracy is. Our country is facing new kinds of threats and needs a new kind of draft. It is a great benefit to serve our
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