Persuasive Essay On Death Penalty

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Death Penalty Essay The death penalty is arguably one of the most controversial laws practiced in the United States of America. It is the king to all punishments. Currently thirty-one of our fifty states use the death penalty as a source of punishment. The death penalty is the highest and the harshest punishment given within our states. Most Americans’ support the death penalty to a certain extent, while others want it completely abolished from our nation’s government. People that want it completely abolished will not support the death penalty by any means. The death penalty could put innocence lives to death and the system cost a fortune that could be used for many different other needed resources. My personal belief is that the death penalty should be completely abolished from our nation’s justice system. With recent studies, it shows that the death penalty could cause more issues than not. Over the past three decades, over 144 people put on death row…show more content…
The death penalty costs a fortune to go through with. The average death row inmate spends up to 175 to 200 months from the time being sentenced to actually being executed. The average inmate takes up $45,000 a year to be housed. This racks up over time. Over time the death penalty could cost well over one million dollars more than life-in-prison cases. For one person to be put to death it would take at least up to $500,00 for one inmate. This is absolutely absurd amount to end another person’s life when they could spend their entire life in jail with the guilt. (“What Costs More the Death Penalty or Life in Prison?” Home - NBC Right Now/KNDO/KNDU Tri-Cities, Yakima, WA, NBC, 21 Sept. 2011, This money could be invested into each and every school nationwide. This could also go to natural disasters and plenty of other things our nation
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