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To kill or not to kill? That question is very blunt and to the point but when it refers to death penalty, then it is necessary. There is nothing to take lightly about this subject because this law holds a person’s life in the court’s hands. The editorial “Death Penalty Flawed, Ineffective and Biased” by Benjamin Todd Jealous and Del. Aisha N. Braveboy published in the Afro-American Red Star provides situations and laws concerning the death penalty. This article demonstrates several cases of people that are associated with the death penalty and about infectiveness of the death penalty. The editorial discusses the law to abolish the death penalty in Maryland. Also, it informs the reader of a major event of Derreck Davis’s life and how anger of…show more content…
The use of emotion was shown a lot through this man Derreck Davis, a member of the Maryland House of Delegates, who was robbed at gun point and held this rage for many years. When the repeal came up to abolish death penalty, he made it clear that he was against it. As he observed his delegates arguing, “He realized, in his words, that ‘You can't make laws out of rage; you have to have a calm spirit’” (Jealous & Braveboy, p. 3). This quote appeals to pathos because this man appreciates the importance of making the right decisions concerning the law. This shows he cares more about what is right for the people then his own personal benefits. The authors used very strong language quoted by Del. Davis throughout the paper such as, “the death penalty is flawed, ineffective and racially biased. And if we can get enough people to understand that, then in a few years we can repeal the death penalty in the United States once and for all” (Jealous & Braveboy, p. 11). Those sentences speak a lot about how powerful words can affect us. This line “once and for all” shows importance because it speaks to two emotions, anger or happiness. Some people might be happy or mad to repeal the death

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