The Pros And Cons Of The Death Penalty

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The death penalty in America varies from state to state.The most common form of the penalty comes in the form of lethal injection. Lethal injection is also the only way the government and military kill the people they have on death row (Methods of). Although lethal injection is the most common, other forms of the death penalty are still being used. The other forms are electrocution,gas chamber,hanging, and firing squad.The first recorded use of the death penalty in America was Captain George Kendall of Jamestown in 1608( Part I). The first person who tried to reform the death penalty was Thomas Jefferson. He said it should only be used when the person in question has committed treason or murder(Part I). People that think the death penalty should still be used usually believe that a horrendous act should have an equally horrendous punishment.People opposing the death penalty usually believe that it shouldn’t be used because all life is precious.…show more content…
The death penalty is also a warning to everyone to stay on the right path. “DNA testing is over 99 percent effective.” (Should the) With our technology advancements it is very unlikely that anyone will be wrongly sentenced.If the prisoners were sentenced to life in prison they’d have a chance to escape and kill again(Should the). If they were to be given the death penalty then they wouldn’t be given the chance to create more victims.The death penalty create even more of a reason not to get in trouble with the law because for some people going to prison isn’t a harsh enough punishment(Should the). Once they see that what they do could get them killed they’ll reconsider what they were going to do.Also our prison system is already overcrowded as is(Should the). Abolishing the death penalty would be committing to housing multiple prisoners for life with a cell, food, clothing, guards, and
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