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Final Assignment Michael Delvalle CJS/230 June 9, 2013 David Foltzer Community corrections can be defined as keeping offenders at home or in a community based residential facility. There are a wide range of intermediate sanctions that are considered to be a part of community corrections. Some of which consist of placing people in jail or prison for a period of time and then allowing them to have community supervised placement. I think community corrections can be an advantage to society when they are practiced. Community service can be rewarding to both the person serving it and those who are affected by it. Graffiti removal, elderly visits to a nursing home and litter removal can make communities appear nicer…show more content…
The United States hands out longer sentences than most other countries do for similar crimes. A first time drug offense in a federal court in the United States would receive five to ten years mandatory sentence. Around the world in other countries of democracy, the same first time offense would receive at most, six months in jail. Judges in the United States are prevented from using their discretion, since these crimes carry a mandatory sentence. Another example would be that the United States gives an average burglary sentence around sixteen months, but Canada gives a sentence of five months, and in England people get about seven months. This is a rather large difference, and can explain why the United States as of 2009 holds the highest incarceration rate throughout the world at 754 inmates per 100,000 people. The war on drugs in the United States has seriously impacted the criminal justice system. There have been a lot more people arrested and sentenced for non violent crimes. This has also had a big part in the current overcrowding of the United States prisons. I believe it would be a disservice to adopt other country’s prison systems. I believe that although it is costly and the largest in the world the United States prison system is fair and justified. I would rather pay more knowing criminals are kept out of society than to save a few dollars…show more content…
I live in New York City where there tends to be a lot of graffiti. I would like to see those on community service cleaning up the walls and gates of businesses and subways, especially those who are arrested for defacing property. I would like to see those who commit crimes cleaning up the mess of other who committed the same crime as them. Whether it is cleaning graffiti or cleaning litter in the parks and along the highways. Having these people make a community more appealing to the eyes would be beneficial in all ways. I would hope by accomplishing these tasks along with other community service criminals would be able to see how valuable they can be to society and turn that confidence into self esteem so that they can contribute to society to benefit it and

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