Personalized Medicine and Modern Technology

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Personalized Medicine Made Possible by Modern Genetic Technology By: Jeremiah J Woodley Dr. Meiko Thompson Introduction to Biology 11-11-2012 In DNA-Deoxyribonucleic acid the makeup of every living organism lays informational molecules that reveal hereditary codes. These codes represent traits of a person’s skin, hair, body structure, internal deficiencies, sex, color of your eyes and fingerprints. DNA is the vehicle that drives the possibility of personalized medicine. Personalized medicine is the concept of a particular formula appropriate for each individual patient. This medicine increasingly is being refocused to deliver tailor-made results for patients in much the same way that clothes, diets and even golf clubs can be customized to meet the needs of one person (McClatchy - Tribune Business News, 01-22-2012, Patient's genome will enable custom, personalized medicine). In general the increase of technology allows for many things to be possible such as better business, better shopping, and better construction. Some benefits from technology can also increase the rate of production, the quality of goods, and this is what sustains competition around the world. With the help of modern genetic technology scientist are able manipulate the genetic makeup of specific individuals. In the future this allows for better medicine that would decrease hospitalization rate, doses of medicine, and increase the rate of recovery. Since the beginning, doctors have prescribed medicine or treatment based on the symptoms of an illness that an individual patient possesses. By doctors performing genetics test the hospitalization rate would decrease because the benefit of modern genetic technology can find the appropriate medicine for a specific gene type. Today when you go to the doctor, your examination will reveal symptoms in general. The doctor will assess
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