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Is personality profiling a reliable and valid tool for various types of investigations such as criminal profiling, job profiling, or partner profiling (e.g. E Harmony). Discuss with reference to at least 3 theories of personality. Personality profiling is described as “a way of measuring an individual’s personality in a particular situation” (Personality Profiling, 2012). There are many fields that fit into this, one of these fields being criminal profiling. The Medical Dictionary (2012) states that criminal profiling is “a brief description of the personality of an individual”. Professionals expand on this by saying that it is “the act of developing a psychological profile of an offender based on the state of the crime scene” (What is Criminal Profiling, 2003). There has been many a debate about whether criminal profiling is a reliable and valid tool to use when trying to catch an offender. For something to be valid it has to assess what it is supposed to assess (Psychology for the VCE student, 2005), therefore personality profiling when in correlation with criminal profiling is a valid tool. When something is reliable it means that it has an ability to assess what it is supposed to be assessing affectively and consistently (Psychology for the VCE student, 2005). Criminal profiling can never be one hundred percent reliable because it is only a profile that the police can use to narrow their search. There are many criminal profiling theories that can be related to personality theories. Organized/Disorganized dichotomy developed by John Douglas and Robert Ressler can be linked to Eysenck’s personality theory. James Brussel’s criminal profiling theory can be related to Freud’s psychoanalytic theory and Trent Turvey’s Behavioural Evidence Analysis theory can be related to Skinners personality theory. During the 1970’s FBI agents from the Behavioural Science Unit -

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