Personal Sexual Values

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I’ve chosen to write about my sexual values to open myself up and discuss what I’m scared to share with anyone else. I’m a single white female, age is 26, and I have no children of my own. My sexual values have changed some over the years because of spiritual and emotional growth. I no longer view sex, or the act of it, as a way to define myself. I am complete with or without the act of sex. There are great periods in which I learned the most about my sexual identity and my own sexual orientation. My religion or spiritual values have greatly influenced what I believe and hold as important. Human Sexuality was a bit of a taboo subject in my home growing up and it was rarely discussed. I will share my views on other sexual orientations as well as why I think children should be taught early about sexual education. My mother was a single parent and worked all the time to be able to support my sister and I; we always had a babysitter and they exposed us to things earlier on. I remember my aunt having sex and doing deviant things while we were in her care. I remember I was five when I first learned what sex was and it was from another child. I remember seeing a playboy around this same time frame and not really being able to comprehend what I was looking at. My mind was so small and didn’t think of such deviant things. I would express my sexual identity through my Barbie dolls. I know as a child I would fondle myself or try to explore and my mom would catch me and make me feel like it was wrong so I learned to quit doing it or be expressive of it. Now, I wish that dialogue would have been more open and not thought of as so bad or awkward, because it only caused distance in our bond. This break in communication made puberty very difficult for me because I didn’t feel comfortable telling my mother anything, let alone that I had just started my period. I learned more

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