Personal Narrative: Three-Day Food Intake

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Three Day Food Intake After recording my 3-day food intake in iprofile, I was able to see the effects and outcomes of the 14 day juice diet that I am currently following. Most of my recordings were redundant due to the fact that I am drinking the same vegetable juice, called the green monster, three times a day. The green monster juice consists of: * 2 green apples * 1 cucumber * 6 leafs of kale * 1 lemon * 3 tsp. ginger * 4 stalks of celery I understand that this diet does not meet the entire recommended dietary intake. I am juicing this way for a detoxifying cleanse of my body and weight lost. The green monster provides me with a daily dose of 26.7 grams of protein, 239.4 grams of carbohydrates, and 8.4 grams of total fat. According to the United States Department of Agriculture I should be having “73 grams of protein, 260 grams of carbohydrates, and between 85-100 grams of total fat” (USDA, 2012). There is a vast difference in macronutrients recommended by the dietary recommended intake (DRI) in comparison to my current green monster juice diet. When I am not on my juice diet I would consume a green monster drink for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch and home cooked dinner to provide a more balanced diet.…show more content…
In order to raise my protein and lipid levels I would eat two chicken breasts with skin. The chicken breast would raise my protein levels and the chicken skin would raise my total fat. The protein that I am consuming in my diet is incomplete and is not complementary to the amino acids. It is important to have a complete complementary protein intake so that the body receives a proper level of the essential amino acids. Also, the limiting amino acids are kept in balance, and match the rest of the amino acids

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