Three Day Food Intake Essay

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SCI/220 February 26,2014 Judith Jonas | | | | Three Day Food Intake Angela Brigham | Abstract This essay will clarify my nutritional venture for the prior three days. Through different Standpoints of my nutritional needs analysis I will show how proteins fats carbohydrates And fiber take role in a daily diet and what are these functions. This is projected outlooks Of views of a healthy lifestyle, and how to reach it through groups. Food Intake – 3 Days In my logged three day intake the foods that I ate with protein were chicken, steak, eggs and fish. Each of these foods provide lipids. The noted protein, carbohydrates and lipid intakes were Beyond the suggestions of my DRI. Given that they were too high I would suggest cutting The beef and any parts of the chicken which have excess fat. By adding leaner meats and organic proteins .I can eliminate high fat foods, and focus on low Fat, low carbohydrate foods like vegetables and salads. I ate complete and incomplete Proteins, by merging both they provided a complimentary profit of proteins. This plays a Very major part because, “any protein that is incomplete on its own but may become Complete when combined with other proteins to provide all of the amino acids necessary For normal metabolism” (, 2010). All inadequate proteins in in our bodies can Be assembled to form a complete protein. My allotted protein take was short 10

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