Personal Narrative: My Involvement With DYS

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Chelsey Sousa March 29, 2013 Alternatives for Youth Foundation Since being committed, involvement with DYS has made a difference in my life in many positive ways. DYS has helped me receive my G.E.D, obtain and keep a job, find my true self and build a better self-esteem and develop a better relationship with my family; all of these things that will help me in the future. When I first got committed to DYS, I have to admit I wasn’t a big fan of school. My caseworker helped me to get involved in the GED program and classes held in the Young Women’s Center in Springfield, Ma. I started taking these classes In July 2012 every Thursday. Unfortunately, I had to move to a treatment program and I still continued to study for my GED there. I was getting more knowledge that I needed to prepare me for the real…show more content…
I did not grow up in the best environment and my caseworker has helped me cope with the fact that, sometimes, my family is not a positive role model for me. I learned that, even through hard times, not everybody is going to do what they say they are going to do. Having a relationship with my family has been an enormous struggle, because I am very close to them and they have some unhealthy habits, which I know, are not good to deal with. I try not to follow in their footsteps because I want to provide for myself and predict my own future. The differences that Youth services have made in my life are going to help me in the community and make a difference in the future. I have developed skills that should benefit me in college and in life. I am smart, so I know I can make the right decisions. I am mature, so I know I can manage my own things. I am reliable, so I know I will try my hardest not to disappoint my fellow classmates and teachers. And most important, I am motivated, so I know I will not bail out on what is coming my

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