What Achieving A Degree Means To Me Essay

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What Achieving A Degree Means to Me When I was in High School I was interested in Physical Therapy, I even went so far as to get information on Physical Therapy programs at TWU, and Mary Hardin Baylor. I feel that my natural interest was in this area. I started out at Navarro College, Corsicana, Texas and was going to get my basics and then try to get accepted in a Physical Therapy Program. However, through a series of events I ended up going to Dallas, Texas and looking into a Court Reporting Program and decided to become a Court Reporter. I moved to Alvin, Texas and entered the Court Reporting Program at Alvin Community College. My natural interest was not in Court Reporting and I did not enjoy the Program at all, and I finally ended up leaving the program and going to work in Houston, Texas. After…show more content…
At this time I had two children, the total responsibility for them and no way to make a decent living for them. During this time I took an aptitude test that indicated my interest in Occupational Therapy. I began immediately to figure out how I could get into school and obtain a certification where I can make a decent living and fulfill my dream of helping other people. To become an Occupational Therapist will have a great impact upon my life and the lives of my two children. I will be able to have an occupation that I thoroughly enjoy and at the same time will be able to afford a decent living for my children and myself. For me to complete my degree at this point in my life is very important. I feel that getting the opportunity to go back to school at my age is actually giving me a second chance to make something of myself. I think my children will see how hard I am working to achieve this certification and it will give them the desire to get a degree as well. I do not want them to struggle as I have these past

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