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Personal Leadership Paper Leadership can be defined many ways; it can be in the form of an example or through a reference to a definition. Despite the numerous ways to describe leadership, it is the creative process of leading people, motivating others to achieve the impossible or helping someone exceed their own expectations and goals. (Maxwell) While leadership has numerous definitions, it is best represented by someone’s inner motivations and internal drive that is exerted. Through these inner workings one can cultivate their own style of leadership. There are many different forms of leadership styles and each differs greatly from the other. All leadership styles share one simple objective; to complete a goal as effectively and efficiently as possible. (Elliot) Effective leadership involves the delegation of tasks and proper training so that people can build upon their foundation of basic skills and grow their competencies. ( An effective leader naturally motivates people to act upon opportunity, encourages others, and empowers people to achieve success rather than place blame. ( To be an effective leader is to care less about your needs, and more about the needs of the people and organization you are leading. Leadership styles can be presented in a multitude of ranges, from commanding: a classic model of “military” style leadership where ‘it’s my way or the highway’, to a democratic style: a style that draws on people’s knowledge and skills and creates a group commitment to the resulting goals. (Managers Success) These are only a few of the many types of leadership styles and when trying to find the best that fits both you and the group, are not something to try on and later discard like a pair of shoes in search of the one that fits best. You should be efficient when choosing which leadership style to use or implement on any given group.

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