Personal Devotion Essay

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Personal Devotion Overview: Personal devotions refer to those various types of religious observances, whether public or private, that are usually separate from congregational worship. Many Christians see their ‘personal devotions’ as fostering true faith and spirituality. Glossary: Devotion: Used in the singular, ‘devotion’ is the ready will to serve God. The plural term ‘devotions’ refers to religious observances and forms of prayer or worship. Mediation: From the Greek word melete meaning ‘care, study, and exercise’ implying preparation and practise in this form of prayer. Prayer: The action or practice of praying to entities beyond the world, as in petition, thanksgiving, adoration or confession. In the Christian context this can include God, Jesus, his mother Mary and the saints. Prayer is also the form of words used for praying such as the Lord’s Prayer or Our Father. Saints: Persons whose exceptional holiness of life is formally recognised by the Church and who are entitled to veneration. Worship: Often used interchangeably with ‘liturgy’, although worship is the preferred term in the Reformed Churches. Both refer in general to celebrations or gatherings of the faithful for prayer and sacraments. What do Christians mean by prayer? Prayer is an important way in which the Christian acknowledges the existence of a relationship between God and humanity and, more importantly, that God relates to each human being and all creation with ongoing compassion and goodness. The personal prayer life of Jesus Jesus is described as praying privately, silently or in solitude at various times during his ministry: * After his Baptism by John the Baptist (Luke 3:21-22) * During the temptations and fasting in the desert (Luke 4:1-13) * As a matter of course early in the morning before dawn (Mark 1:35) Jesus used prayer as a way of connecting to
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