A Symbol Can Provide a Meaningful Way to Talk About God.

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“ A Symbol can provide a meaningful way to talk about God.” Discuss A symbol is something that represents something else. Symbolic language is evocative in the sense that it brings strong images, memories or feelings to mind when you look at it or read it. The purpose of these strong images or feelings, like any religious language, is to generate the meaning to an individual to exactly what God is. By meaning I talk of something which corresponds to actuality. A symbol is not literally stating what something is; instead it acts like a road sign to point you in the direction of where the truth lies. For example, if you have a Eucharist in a church, we know that the bread and wine represent the body and blood of Christ in the eyes of Christians. Looking in more general terms, when we look at the England flag at football games, or world-wide events, it often penetrates the feeling of being proud through an Englishmen’s body. This is not because when you look at the flag you are looking at a flag; instead you are taking a moment to realize that the flag stands for the proud achievements, History and Victory that our country has overcome throughout the years. In my opinion a Symbol narrows down a broad and endless topic like what God represents, to one thing or few things. A symbol generates the intrinsic meaning that causes a reaction from within us and from this we can gain a full understanding. To say a symbol can provide a meaningful way to talk about God is strong in some aspects. For example, from my experiences of going to church, when I re-collect what it is like to go to Church, I automatically think of a warm, inviting place which is open to forgiveness and gives every walk of life the freedom to express themselves. This emotion inside me and outlook is created I think of a Church. It has been generated by the Christian people and Vicars welcoming

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