Pepsi Refresh Essay

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1. Should the Pepsi brand team continue to fund the Pepsi Refresh Project? Why or why not? More analysis need to be done from a ROI perspective. In the case, it was mentioned that the $20 million project generated $66 million worth of media value, despite a drop in sales linked to the increasing health consciousness of consumers which also affects Coca-Cola. However, it was Pepsi Refresh Project’s first year, it would be expected to generate the most buzz and excitement. The second year may or may not generate as much media value. Then again, would measuring “media value” this way be meaningful if it does not increase sales, nor market share? Secondly, as the project was launched in the Pepsi cola drink trademark instead as PepsiCo, it remains to be seen what positive externalities the project has brought along – i.e. increase in sales for PepsiCo’s snacks products. Thirdly, market research need to be done to assess the change materialized in consumers’ perception from the project – i.e. as Pepsi’s positioning changed in consumer’s minds? If so, is it towards the direction Pepsi favored? Based on the limited information I have from the case, I would not suggest dropping the project abruptly as it might trigger negative sentiments. I would either proceed to fund it for the second year with plans to wrap it up by end of second year, or get the PepsiCo brand team to fund it, involving more brands such as Doritos I could not find any indication from the case regarding why consumers prefer Coca-Cola over Pepsi Cola, despite the successful blind-tasting campaign. If it is not because of the taste, then what really motivates consumers to choose Coca Cola over Pepsi? If Pepsi’s marketing team want to increase sales or market share, they should find out – instead of “blindly” running social good campaigns expecting it to build brand equity. 2. Is the Pepsi brand
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