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People's Dependence on Technology Essay

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Below is an essay on "People's Dependence on Technology" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

People’s Dependence on Technology

Every aspect of human life is dependent on technology. Technology has the ability to be the advancement of society but also has the capability to be its downfall. Human beings originally used traditional means to do things, but as time went by the human brain expanded which came with innovations that allowed for the expansion of technology. People initially used their own muscles to do work, and then progressed to using the energy of their livestock. They developed ways to harness and use the energy from the sun and water. Technology has undergone numerous changes in the late 20th and 21st century through the use of tools, inventions and techniques making life more efficient, but at what cost to us?     Technology touches almost every phase of human life, ranging from computers with its countless gadgets and applications, to education, medicine, banking, military, and communications. With the rapid growth and development of technology people have become far too overly dependent on it.
In the 21st century, humans have made tremendous progress with various technological advances. Technology into today’s era has become a “must have” obsession, because without it you risk becoming outdated and irrelevant. Technology offers convenience, a better way of life, and many other positive aspects, but this is causing people to become too reliant on it. Statistics by CNET concluded that people would not be able to live happily without the internet. Technology has taken over the lives of kids everywhere. Children spend many hours behind TV screens or playing Xbox games. They play uneducated games on computers and portable devices at school, then rush straight home to continue playing these games prolonging this vicious cycle. Tasks at home are made easier through technology. People now forego going to shopping malls, or grocery stores to do their shopping. They can accomplish this all online from the convenience of their home. Technology...

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