People Naturally Resist to Making Changes of Their Lives

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Some people are of the opinion that it is very difficult for them to make changes in their lives because at some particular points, it may be inappropriate for something different. Therefore, they are opposed to changing the way they are living, which might cause a lot of problems. Firsly, in our present-day life, there are so many things which day by day become more and more modern. A case in point is that in the past, people used to send letters by surface mail, which took a lot of time for others to receive. However, nowadays, most of people use email instead because of its speed and convenience. If people want to keep the old way of sending mail, they might lose some important opportunities. It means that they will become backward and even be forgotten some days. Secondly, if people are stubborn and then dont adapt quickly to new technology, they cannot improve themselves. In addition, not only the quality of life but also their own job might deteriorate. The main reason is that people cannot catch up with the pace of life, which changes everyday. Meanwhile, they prefer remaining at the same place, the same position. With the hope of solving the problem above, some solutions are come up with to make the life better. First of all, it is important that people should accept the changes and do not keep rigid attitudes. Moreover, before adapting to new ways, people should spend time on investigating whether the change will have a good or bad impact. A further step is that if people find it difficult to change, they can change a little bit first and still maintain old things which can be a helpful basic. In conclusion, life always changes and people have to keep learning from others and improve themselves. Do not be too hidebound with the changes because this might prevent you from achieving more of your ambitions. I can just suggest some of my opinions
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