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People Have Becomely Dependent on Technology Essay

  • Submitted by: Nizarharith
  • on July 16, 2012
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People have become overly dependent on technology
Nizar Harith 5K07
Humans have been called the animals which make things, and at no time in history has this been so obvious as the present. Today, every human activity is dependent upon various tools, machines, and systems, from growing food to providing shelter to communication, healthcare, and entertainment. Some machines, like the tractor, speed up and make more efficient activities that humans have done for hundreds of thousands of years. Others such as the airplane or the Internet, make possible things that humans have never been able to do before. This collection of devices, capabilities, and the knowledge that accompanies them is called technology. We can say that "living without technology is like living without air" in this technical world of today. Therefore, we are much dependent on technology.
It is becoming noticeable that people are slowly losing those abilities and letting machines or computers do the work for them. People are no longer required to think. If posed with a difficult or even simple problem people will simply "Google" it on an iPhone and the answer is found within seconds. Students are also becoming too dependent on calculators. Instead of using a graphing calculator to solve complex mathematical formulas, students turn to calculators for even simple calculations. Though calculators are important in an solving problems, it is still important for teachers to teach students how to do mental math and reasoning . Scholars, particularly teen scholars, are no longer required to spell correctly. Words like tomorrow, tonight, and before, become 2morrow, 2night and b4 in playful texting conversation. Spell check is also contributing to the downfall of spelling. Too often, people type a word sloppily into a web document and let spell check do the work without even noticing the word was misspelled.

Jo-Ellan Dimitrius writes in her book Reading People " If you want to become a better...

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