People And Language Essay

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People and Language Language is the key ingredient to communication and opportunities; the more languages a person knows, the more educated, confident, and successful he or she will be in life. The 21st century world has well over 6,000 languages; and each language backing up thousands of years of tradition, style, and evolution. Communication is what people use throughout the world, and will need to use in order to communicate with others. Communication is what brings love, hate, opportunities, and people together as one and defines each individual differently. Without language, the advanced technologies we have today would most likely not have existed. Policemen, firemen, soldiers, engineers, scientists, would have had tremendous amour of difficulty accomplishing the tasks done today without the advantages of communication using language. Although language is spoken differently by different cultures, it brings us together as one and allows us all to communicate with one another. Language can show a lot about a person’s background. It shows the people around them his or her national identity. National identity helps people bind together as one nation and reflects their ideals and characteristics. Language signifies where the person is from and shows a lot about the his or her personality and ways of living. Language has a background of culture and how that person is destined to speak and understand it which can also affect a person in many ways. There are two ways to judge a person by the language he or she speaks. One way is to see which language the person is speaking. Language itself can say a lot about a person due to the country they are from and the traditional ways they follow. The second way is the way the person speaks the language; with an accent, angry, happy, etc. People use language to exchange ideas. Language is not only something that is
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