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A. Georgia Pre-K Program Our state funded Pre-k program if full of demographic changes. The U.S. demographics changes daily, our work force ages, non-English speakers is a major language barrier, and people with disabilities. We have many great aspects that help multi culture families and our young children at our school system but at the same time there is always room for improvements. A.1. Changes in Georgia’s Cultural In today’s time we have several older people still working full time jobs instead of part-time, the Department of Labor considers anyone over the age of 55 as an older person still working. There is an act that went into effect in 1967 called Age Discrimination in Employment Act this provides protection to any worker…show more content…
is growing in populations and with this growth more people with disabilities are still working. According to the Disability status report the rate for Georgia citizens with a disability is around 12% all races and ages are included in this figure. In our school system we have a growing number of volunteers who are disabled in some sort of way. When asked why they are still volunteering in the school they state that it is either to supplement their income or to help keep them mobile and improve their health. A.1.a. Pre-K Strengths Because of the ever changing demographics in our system this can be very beneficial and has some great advantages with our program. With more non-English speaking children coming into our system this is encouraging our teachers to learn another language. In return it is helping with the language barrier we are facing in our current days. Our system could also look into hiring more teachers with the added benefit of speaking multiple languages and creating more jobs in our area. As older teachers are joining our workforce in the pre-k systems it is helping our program grow in many different areas, including knowledge. We value our older workers because they bring knowledge of what has worked over the years, this is something several jobs do not look…show more content…
One of the major barriers I see in our program is prejudice plus power. In our system I see some employees feel as if they have no one to go to because our administrator is married to a man of higher authority in our school system. If we have a problem and need to go down to the board to discuss it we may find it very hard to communicate this because our administrator is married to them. Classism is another issue I see within our system. If you are not from a certain class then your opinions do not matter and will not be heard. As silly as this may sound I have even seen cases where it is “who you know and who you don’t” that make a difference. These cases may seem petty and little but they hinder our communication process greatly and cause many problems in our workforce. In return from the problems this is causing it is also giving our local system a bad name and our parents are hearing these rumors and issues and deciding to take their children out of our systems and taking them to other schools causing our program to lose funding by the

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