Peacemaking Criminology Essay

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This article talks about peacemaking criminology. They talk about how suffering is related to crime and violence. Peacemaking criminology is a new radical approach to crime and criminal justice. Richard Quinney and Hal Pepinsky were the first to put together this new approach to criminology. Peacemaking criminologists were concerned violence in our society. They believe we should not solve crime with crime. They argue that the way to end crime is to end suffering. They say that one way to get rid of crime is to have an equal distribution of resources. Peacemaking criminologists believe that punishments for crime need to be less repressive and have more reintegrative programs for responding and preventing crime. Peacemaking criminologists suggest reconciling offenders and victims using meditation and conflict resolutions programs. Criminals should also pay restitution to victims they hurt in a crime they committed. Are human existence has always had suffering, suffering such as tensions and anxieties. Suffering also includes physical and psychological. They criminologists believe that to end crime they need to end suffering not only at a global level but at a personal level too. Humans need to have the right understanding to end suffering. We need to be aware that nothing is ever permanent In my own opinion I don’t believe this is the right way to go in terms of criminology. I think that if someone isn’t given strict punishment for a crime they committed, they will just commit the crime over and over again because they know they can get away with it. Compassion and understanding can only go so far. Without swift punishment for criminals it’s like they only get a pat on the back and told not to do it
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