Pros and Cons of Animals Testing

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Pros 1. The taxpayer dollars are no longer going to support the care for these heinous individuals. Also helps to reduce the overpopulation problems in our prisions. 2. Harsh punishment of this kind would serve as a deterrent for future crimes committed. 3. Peace of mind can be brought to those families devastated by these criminals, with the safety of knowing that these people have no possibility of hurting again. 4. With new technology and DNA testing we can be extra certain that the true criminal will be put to death. Cons 1. In reality the cost of the execution process and the many appeals is far greater than a life in prison sentence. 2. The "deterrent" theory is debatable. Serial killers, rapists, molesters etc. would rarely consider their potential demise via Capital Punishment prior to committing crimes. Criminals usually operate with the belief they will not be caught. 3. Putting to death a criminal can not "un-do" the crimes they have committed. Perhaps a better use of funding could be put toward prevention of similar crimes by potential offenders and training special forces to detect threats. 4. There is always the possibility that innocents could be convicted and put to death. Many of these people may also mentally ill. 5. The death penalty is an out-dated, old fashioned and barbaric form of government. Shame and ridicule is brought upon those countries still employing this method. The United States stands in line on this issue with many of the backwards countries that

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