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pBlu Bacterial Transformation Purpose: To change the DNA structure of bacteria to make it turn blue. Hypothesis: If we add pBlu to E. coli bacteria, then it will turn blue because the pBlu will code for the color gene. Materials: 4 pipets, 7 yellow loops, 1 marker, bleach, ice, tape, hot water, 2 LB Petri Plates, 2 LB/amp/xgal plates, micropipettes and tips, and test tubes with holder. Safety: Be sure to wear goggles and wash hands and lab station thoroughly. Variables: Experimental Control: LB plate. Because it has nothing on it. Manipulated Variable: pBlu plasmid DNA Responding Variable: If the bacteria is blue. Controlled Variables: Petri plates, clean lab station, water temperature. Data: Type of dish | Drawing of dish | My growth…show more content…
My bacterial plates did not grow any bacteria because our sterilization may have been eliminated. 2. LB/A/X+: There should have been a colony of bacteria with several splotches of blue because to new bacteria was created with the pBlu gene. LB/A/X-:There should have been bacterial growth because we put bacteria there and fed it. LB+:There should have been bacterial growth but no blue colonies because there was an anti-biotic acting against it. LB-: Nothing should have happened because there was no bacteria and plasmid given. 3. One of the plates should have no growth and that was the LB- plate. This happened because the plate was given no bacteria or anything to start growth. 4. The only plate where the E. coli should glow is on the LB/A/X+ plate. The reason for this is that it was the only plate that was given pBlu and no anti-biotic. This causes it to reproduce blue colonies of bacteria. 5. We did not add plasmid to the control plate because it did not have any bacteria on it to cause a reaction. 6. We put the bacteria through a heat shock because that is how hot it would be in a human body, therefore, making it a natural

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