Odwalla E.Coli Essay

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April 30, 2011 Final Exam Assignment The company of Odwalla, Inc. should be held responsible in part for the overall outbreak of the E. coli bacterium in their fresh juice products. Some of the factors that contributed to the outbreak of the bacterium in the case were the producers of the apples used in the juices. Odwalla concluded that the FDA did not have any requirements for microbiological testing, and the microbial monitoring of the finished products and raw material used in the processing was inadequate. The batch of apples used to process the juice may have contained ground apples that may have been contaminated by cow or deer feces. I believe that Odwalla, Inc. is responsible in part and not in wholly because after the regulations and FDA testing at the Dinuba manufacturing plant was reported to had found no evidence of E. coli O157:H7 that was found in its products, the only source led to the growers and suppliers. But I say they are in part because their company name is own every product that they sale and distribute. Even if the E. coli outbreak did not come from their manufacturing facility, the company still has to take responsibility into every product that may have caused any illnesses, in which they did with the E. coli bacterium outbreak. Odwalla did the correct thing in ordering a recall of all of their products containing the unpasteurized apple juice. In a situation like this as a company and a brand name you cannot be selfish, or money hungry, when the safety of innocent individuals is at risk. Also the Odwalla juices are a very popular children’s product and which the two business partners both having kids, I believe that played a big part in the immediate reaction to a recall. The recall was stated as one of the fastest and most organized recalls to ever take place, in 48 hours Odwalla had removed the product from 4,600 retail

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