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The focus of this analysis is Wendy Westcott’s case study titled Nature’s Nutrition Formula One. Describe: The central issue in the case study is the Chemins company advertising their Formula One brand as all natural, when in fact the company knowingly replaced two of the brands’ main natural ingredients with chemically manufactured ingredients. The action had the impact of making the supplements much more potent and the side effects much more dangerous for the consumer. Discern: The ethical issues in this case are numerous. First, the company leadership knowingly replaced the naturally occurring ingredients with the synthetic ingredients without changing the label on the packaging. This action violated the regulations set in place in the 1960s allowing consumers to have adequate and truthful information about the products they purchase. Second, the chemicals the company used to replace the natural ingredients are known to cause serious physical side effects including heart attacks and strokes. These side effects are a result of the stronger potency of the chemically generated ingredients as opposed to the naturally occurring ingredients the company originally utilized for the products. Finally, there is a dangerous lack of oversight by FDA regulators into the safety violations of companies such as Chemins leading to a reduced rate of public health and safety. Display: There are a number of options available to the Chemins company to deal with the ethical issue of mislabeled products. One is for the company to submit to mandatory testing of their products in order to ensure that what is on the label is what the product actually contains. This testing can be performed at the expense of either the company or the government, though this author believes it is the job of a company to own the regulatory compliance expense of ensuring its products are safe for

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