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Ingredient Assignment- Paw Paw * Paw Paw is a fruit which was first discovered in 1541 by the Spanish explorer, Hernando Desoto. He discovered it when he went on an exploration into the Mississippi Valley in America. When first discovered it was thought to be related to the papaya but it tastes more like the banana or the melon family. * The fruit of the paw paw is oblong and green when unripe and turns a golden yellow as it ripens. It has always been used as a food but researchers have discovered that it has amazing health benefits. Many major vitamins and minerals are found in the paw paw, making it very good for a regular part of anyone’s diet. Paw Paw helps by aiding digestion. Many people have heard of products like Paw Paw cream or lipbalm. Paw Paw is very good for the skin. It helps heal cuts it also moisturizes dry skin and it helps to repair dry lips. Paw Paw cream has many medical advantages. * Paw Paw doesn’t need to be cooked before being eaten. It is actually mainly eaten raw. The can be peeled and eaten raw or they can be used in smoothies, slushies or tropical drinks. There are many recipes though that has paw paw eaten raw or cooked. * The best foods to compliment this ingredient are lime, lemon, orange, grapefruit, apple, coconut, pineapple, chicken, and shrimp. * So some people like to make a fruit slald with paw paw. Paw Paw is really good for tenderizing meats and even today paw paw is added to chicken to make it tender. * To prepare this fruit all that is needed is for it to be peeled and then it is ready to eat raw. Most people take out the seeds before eating. The black seeds inside the pawpaw can be ground and used as a substitute for black peppers and they have deworming effects. However, they shouldn't be consumed in large quantities because they contain a toxic substance called Carpaine which can lower the pulse

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